26 de janeiro de 2016

Interview - Warrel Dane: "Start your own religion, because the one we have right now, just dont fucking work"

Interview: Uillian Vargas
Edition: Renato Sanson

Leia em português: http://bit.ly/1Qp9AWC

We are ending the first month of 2016 and on the 30th of January (Saturday), Warrel Dane comes in São Paulo, in the house Hangar 110. Dane became involved with music in the middle of 1981/82 as part of its first band Serpent's Knight (Heavy Metal), years later originated the Sanctuary - 1985 and in 1991 solidified to Nevermore. The last two bands can be cited as cataloged Progressive Thrash, and in some Heavy Metal times. Cataloging these bands only these think styles to be somewhat limited, I believe that the kind of sound that was (and is) made them goes beyond these cataloging, we can see that are more complete and complex compositions (would be wrong to call "Fusion Metal"?). Warrel will be visiting the great successes of the Sanctuary and Nevermore this amazing night.

In addition to lead singer of the Sanctuary, Nevermore and his Solo Project, Warrel Dane is also trained in philosophy, theology and sociology. Of course, at the time of writing, it should make use of all this knowledge and experience to achieve the musical genius. Moreover, it is also an excellent kitchen Cheff (got to have a restaurant with Jim Sheppard - bass), since guest starred in high recognition of bands and had one of his songs included in a video game (PS3) . The Heavy And Hell had a great opportunity to exchange an idea with the musician and composer to try to learn more about the artist. Below is our interview with legend, have fun!

Heavy And Hell: Going back in time, there for 1982, who was your inspiration and responsible for your entry into the world of music?

Warrel Dane: Judas, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, all those bands, they are pretty much AC/DC even maybe, you know i Just listen all kind of heavy rock i guess, you know that’s responsible for i get involved. I used to Love Blue Öyster Cult, i still Love Blue Öyster Cult. I love all kind of hard rock metal, doesn't matter, you know, it’s kind of: “why  got not do it?”

HAH: Being born in the same cradle that grunge was born, he brought some remarkable influences for his work, in the music bands that you participated?

WD: Absolutly fuckimg not! That’s all i’ll got to say about that one. No, i’ve never done grunj song na i’ll never will. I mean this, as grunge as will go, i can admit, i AM Alice in chans fan, but they are not gung band na they never whore, they are a fucking metal band. So, the grung question Just keep coming and you know what, i respect that all era and what happened in our city but, i wasn’t part of it and i could realy fucking careless Who is dead or Who is alive right now. “Let the freedom Bring with the shotgun blast” Robb Flynn said very well maybe that what he meant when Kurt Cobain shot hinself in the head but,i don’t know  of the time IF i corelate for that, but  it is kind of funny but, I do respect Kurt Cobain, i thing He was a genius song whriter but not my favorite music. 

HAH: During the recordings,in the studio, the most correct option is to trust in instinct or be absolutely sure of what is being done, to finish some work?

WD: Trust in your instincts and try not to be perfect. Sometimes out of imperfection, becomes genius!

HAH: Over so many years sentimentally involved with the music, it was possible to accomplish great works (in Nevermore, as in the Sanctuary). Tell us about, how it was the experience of participating in “The Apostasy” (2007) from Behemoth? How  close  are your relationship with the band?    

WD: Well Behemoth is one of my favorite bands, so when they hás to me to do a guest appearance in one of their songs i Said: Of Course! They one of my favorite bands. And i have to tell you, i get so many requests for guest appearance, Just seriously sometimes drives me fucking insane, because i don't like to be me and say: No, your band sucks! I hate, and i never done that, i never Said that, i Just say i wanna to busy. each is wherever one says when they dont wanna do guest appearance. Because i know some many vocalists when have to be asked to do guest appearances, you know blank answers, i Just “To busy right now”.

But, Yes, that was interesting because, you know, i didn't do that at te Studio with them, i just did it in my Mac laptop, they send me the sound files and i recorded with the garage band and converted in Mp3 and send them back. It was kind of impersonal but still, you know i Love that song and love that band too.      

 HAH: In 2009, with the release of the video game Brütal Legend (Electronic Arts), the song “Battle Angels” (from “Refuge Denied” 1988) was revived on the soundtrack. How it happened this process and how the situation, to be part of a game, was received?

WD: We’re no really sure about how really happened, i know the Jack Black is involved, i know He’s a big metalhead and i would Love to think that maybe Jack Black picked that song, because is, you know, one of my favorite comedy actors. I not sure that is true, because i know also the game designer is a big metalhead too. So it could come from He, could come from Jack Black, i not really sure, but that was a interesting experience i guess.

Have you playing that game? And have you tried to get through that part of that song is in?

- Is one of most difficult part of that fucking game, and i can’t do it, I can't get through it.

HAH: The latest work is the “The Year of The Sun Die” 2014 - Sanctuary. There is the possibility of the band out on tour, to support this work?

WD: Of course there’s a possibility, we'll see what happening, i think. I think Will happen, definitely in some point. We’re started a work in a news songs right now, you know i have others priorities for the moment, like working what i’m doing here in brazil right now. And they keeping send me songs via email to listen to, and they sound really good and i keep telling them: “Faster, faster, faster, i want faster songs” well, we’ll see what happen, i mean definitely for sure will be another Sanctuary Record, at least two more probability

HAH: Now talking about the presentation that will take place in São Paulo, on 30/01/2016, how about  the expectation for the night? The fans may be surprised when the show get started?

WD: Of course Will be surprised by the setlist, because we’re gonna playing songs that Nevermore NEVER played live, and we’re playing some songs that Sanctuary never played live before maybe, as well. You know we’re still working out yet, and i think Will be a lot of surprises and IF you dont show up to the show you’re gonna be stupid, because you gonna miss na epic event!

HAH: Could you tell us something about future projects? What 2016 is preparing for Nevermore and Sanctuary?

WD: Well, what holds for nevermore i don’t know at this point. what holds for sanctuary , you know, we gonna..., definitely... probably at the end of the festival season we’re gonna start a new Record. I’m not sure IF sanctuary is even gonna do any festival this year, i’m maybe doing a solo festivals in europe, for the Summer, i’m kind of thinking that whats gonna happening because Sanctuary does’n have any confirmed festival, we did, last year, the year we put a new Record we were promised: “Ok, we’re play all festival next year”, and we play ONE...ONE FUCKING FESTIVAL. So i’m not counting on a fact to the Sanctuary is gonna do any festivals, so I’m focus in more my solo shit right now, as i should be.

HAH: Well thank you once more, for this chance to be closer to you. hope see you soon and we wish you a great time in Brazil. We will leave space for your final comments.

WD: Start your own religion, because the one we have right now, just dont fucking work.



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