30 de julho de 2014

Review - Band: Eternal Silence - Disc: Raw Poetry (2013)

Review: Renato Sanson
Translation: Rodrigo Goulart

From Italy the Eternal Silence released in 2013 its first album named “Raw Poetry”, they present a good Symphonic Metal without running away from the style clichés, buy very well executed.

The range of good vocals catches the “ears”, Marika Vanni shows great competence in lyrical and melodic vocals and also the guitarist Alberto Cassina shows good clean vocals. What draw attention is the fact that we don’t have the mix of guttural x lyrical, but a good bet in a manly clean vocal that fits very well.

The compositions sound epic and pompous, with a lot of details, either by the beautiful climates keyboard or the own weight of the guitars that make their role very well.

The production of the album was made by Giulio Capone, whom has done a good job, but he could have worked more in the outcome, because the composition are riches and full of surprises, which does not leave the album tiresome.

A highlight of the disc is certainly the graphics, which comes packaged in a deluxe digipack and a gorgeous art, made by the artist Giuseppina Oliva.

Highlights are the powerful "The Day of Regret" (showing beautiful riffs and great alternations), the fine "Braving My Destiny" and "Incubus" (where Marika steals the show with her ​​beautiful voice, not to mention the musical construction that sounds perfect).

The rest of the album follows the same line without loosing its level, keeping the what Symphonic Metal asks, but without sounding tiring.

An interesting material that is worth your purchase, fans of the style will not regret.


01 Musa
02 The Day Of Regret
03 Braving My Destiny
04 Incubus
05 Forlorn Farewell
06 Run In Search Of Flame
07 Lord Of The Darkest Night
08 Beneath This Storm
09 Braided Fates
10 December Demise
11 Death And The Maiden
12 Vigdis

Marika Vanni (Vocals)
Alberto Cassina (Guitar and Vocals)
Davide Rigamonti (Guitar)
Alessio Sessa (Bass)
Davide Massironi (Drums)

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