6 de outubro de 2014

Review - Band: Cinis - Disc: Subterranean Antiquity (2013)

Review: Renato Sanson
Translation: Marlon Rocha

It is very good to know the "underground" worldwide  , arise excelent news, showing the strength of the heavy sound and that the scene does not live the consecrated musicians.

And the Polish underground shows why be one of the engines of the global extreme metal.
besides revealing greats of the style, there are always new bands of high-level, and Cinis is one of them, coming to destroy necks, with their second album, "Subterranean Antiquity".

Death Metal explosive and beautifully crafted, following the line of his countrymen Vader. Guitars foaming rage, with excellent solos, and accurate bass drum. With powerful vocals, which dominates the guttural, more that sometimes sounds more torn.

The sound production is in a very professional, clear instruments and well balanced level, and the need to weight the merits own band that featured brothers help Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy. The graphic part is well done, even though simple, have an apocalyptic cover and a beautiful booklet, made ​​by photographer Tomasz "Hal" Halicki.

A sound destruction , already in the opening to "The First Manifesto" and “Fully Ossified” is clear the sound power of this quintet, which tracks the spending we have a perfect view of how to do Death Metal.

It's great revelation, be sure to check.

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