2 de outubro de 2014

Review - Band: Savn - Disc: Savn (2014)

Review: Renato Sanson
Translation: Rodrigo Goulart

Savn comes from Norway to show its music rooted in Gothic and with some touches of Industrial. As usual we have the beautiful Carmen Elise Espenæs as the vocalist (sister of Liv Kristine from Leaves’ Eyes), with sweet and soft vocals.

The music of Savn is not “heavy”, but it has great vocal melodies, but with little technical variations, leaving the music boring sometimes.

The album was produced by the renowned Alexander Krull (Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes), whom has left everything millimetrically sounding with a great atmosphere, since it’s not a “heavy” sound. The graphical part is simple, but effective, it comes in a Slimcase accompanying a poster and complete information about the group.

Besides Carmen, the band is formed by Sting Johansen with handles the guitars and the male vocals and Anders Thue the drummer.

The album count with the participation of Liv Kristine in “I Am Free”, Michelle Darkness (End Of Green) in “The Demons In Me”, and also the famous orchestra Lingua Mortis Orchestra in “Sorrowful” and “Lengselens Hand”.

But there is a lot that must be reviewed, by its compositions or by the technical part, although it has its good atmospheric moments, the song sound to similar and with little variation. But they are great musicians and will for sure give an extra punch in their next album.

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