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Interview - Band: ETERNAL SEX AND WAR (Italy)

Interview: Renato Sanson

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Check out our exclusive with one of the revelations of the Extreme Metal Italian, ETERNAL SEX AND WAR. We interviewed the creator and leader Thorshammer (guitar/vocals) and bassist Dr FAUSTUS.

Check it out now:

Heavy And Hell: The ETERNAL SEX AND WAR comes from a Metal scene where the far sound old school is not as strong, and you swim against the grain presenting a sound influenced by Mayhem, Venom, Bathory among others. As shaping that sound?

(Dr Faustus): Hello Heavy and Hell, thanks for getting in contact with us! We are glad to be here! I let my mate reply to the first one, go!

(Thorshammer): Simply, we wanted to create a sound that could incorporate all our influences as Metal listeners (Metal in the old way we all know it), and would satisfy us in terms of impact, epic mood, disease and violence.

Even if we are aware we haven't invented nothing new, finding a way to express us in the sonic cauldron typical of Extreme Metal has always been one of our goals. For example, we adopted seven strings guitars to get an heavier and fatter guitar sound; two different kind of voices, to typically characterize Death / Thrash parts from Black Metal ones;  drum grooves that come from different kind of metal styles (from Doom to Thrash, Black and Death); basslines that not always follow the guitar exactly to create a deeper texture within the songs; we insert samples from movies into the songs too.

However, I believe that the Italian scene is a lot influenced by the old way to play Metal, in fact there are (or there have been) bands as: Presumed Dead, Undead Creep, Sepolcro, Noia, Oath, Gravesite, Barbarian, Abysmal Grief, Epitaph, Crimson Dawn, Blood of Seklusion, Blasphemous Noise Torment, Doomhammer, Heaten Lifecode, Haemophagus, Nuclear Aggressor, Assaltator, Profanal, Loculo, Necro, Valgrind, Khephra, Eroded,  Psychotomy, Esequiem, Marbas, Chelmno, Unctoris, Satanel, The True Endless and many others that do it right for our ears.

(Dr F): There are a lot of other bands like Restos Humanos, Blasphemic Forces, Voids of Vomit, Morbo, Dominhate, Necromutilator, Hateful, Saturnine, Uncreation, Doomraiser, Mephitic, Funest, Fuoco Fatuo, Torment, Ad Nauseam and much more, also into Brutal Death & Grind styles.

We have also bands that were born in the golden era like Death SS, Paul Chain, Bulldozer, Schizo, Necromass, Strana Officina, Necrodeath, Mortuary Drape to name few of them. Even if they are not so many, they had all a big impact into the worldwide scene and we are proud of having these guys before us to play the music we like, creating killer albums and growing us in the right way!

HAH: Tell us also about the history of ETERNAL SEX AND WAR.

(T): We established toward the end of 2001 as a duo (Thorshammer-Guitars and Vocals and Gornhar-Drums), we had a pair of line up changes at the bass guitar. In 2007,our first self produced album “Abuse or be used” come out and was distributed in a limited edition and DIY way.

In 2010, we have renewed the line up with the introduction of Dr Faustus at the bass guitar and we recorded our second album “Negative Monoliths” in 2013, released in Europe by Quality Steel Records and in South America by Shinigami Records in November 2014.

We did some shows across North Italy with bands like Vulcano, Essenz, Presumed Dead, Nuclear Aggressor and many other good bands from our country.

HAH: You released this year his second album, "Negative Monolith" which is extremely sound violence, but with good influences of Doom. How were these inserts was something deliberate?

(T): We are not afraid to mix riffs and tempos of Heavy, Thrash, Death, Grind, Black and Doom Metal, since we are enthusiast listeners of everything that the past underground of  Metal offers. So these Doom inserts have been searched deliberately, when we have to slow down to “stench-of-the-dead” mood.

(Dr F): Some of our gods play fast, some play slow, but like both sides of the medal. So we use different moods to represent our musical ideas and give to our songwriting different features.

HAH: The disc theme is very explicit, as in the lyrics, with hymns of hate and repudiate the religions and dogmas. As it is seen in the Italian scene, rolls much repression by religious extremists?

(T): For sure, being against religious dogmas belong  to our personal background, since we were teen-agers, it is natural to bring this anger with us and to put it in our music. But in ESAW's lyrics there is a lot more: the mistrust in the human kind, the certainty of a grey future, the disgust against the corruption and the bigotry, the free thought against moldy political doctrines, the prophecy showing a next nuclear winter coming because the madness of few bastards produced by the means of the mass.

Also you  have to know that we are very influenced by apocalyptic visions of great movie directors as Margheriti, Lenzi, Mattei and Romero, just to name a few.

For sure Metal in Italy was and still is ostracized by the Vatican and generally by the ignorance and fear of millions of middle men and women. I remember Deicide were forced to cancel their show in Italy years ago thanks to this brainwashed italian scumbags.

(Dr F): I remember a festival was forced to be canceled near our hometown, because Marduk were supposed to play and the local church and their loyal attendants made enough pressure to make it happen. New millennium, old shit.

HAH: "Negative Monolith" was also released in Brazil, you expected the album come so far?

(T): Quality Steel's collaboration with Shinigami Records made this possible and we want to thank Malte of QRS for believe in us. It's a blast, 'cause for sure we are fanatics of Brazilian Metal and most of the ESAW sound was forged in admiration for the bands in Cogumelo's roster. In our early days, we only want to make noisy Metal for our pleasure, we never ever expected that one day one of our works would go so far: we are 100% satisfied.

(Dr F): Yes, we have to thank Malte at QSR for his amazing work and support! They are signing many good bands, check their website out.

Art "Negative Monoliths"
HAH: And the receptivity of the new album, is being expected?

(T): Currently, Brazil is the most prodigal of compliments in the reviews we recieved and this is a great pleasure for us.

In Europe, it seems that there are discordant opinions about the album, someone like it and someone not, and it is clear that can depend only on the fact that this album is oriented to a certain type of Metal listener. However we respect all the opinions, but only if the criticism is constructive and can make the band grow up better. We can't take reviews that don't even specify our influences seriously, that's for sure.

(Dr F): It’s only the beginning, but many people are enthusiast about the album, especially the ones really into the old releases of Metal and that are opened to many genres.

Thanks for the space you gave us! We are always glad to be interviewed and shoot out our own thoughts about the album and what’s beyond this work.

Cheers & see you next time!


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