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Interview - Band: Andsolis (Germany)

Interview: Renato Sanson

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Heavy And Hell: A different and diverse sound is what you show us in "Vigil". Melodies coupled with progressive with poetic lyrics. Tell us more about the design of it.

Simon: Well, when scribbling the basic song, I always start out with a riff or a melody. One this riff feels ‘ripe’, I continue with the next emotionally ‘logical’ part, be it another riff or a melody on top of it. Sometimes it’s funny, I often can hear the riff in my head, or elements of it, before I am able to play it. So I basically have to practice my own parts before I am able to play them. Maybe that’s how everyone does it, I don’t know. I continue with this process until I think the song is fine. Maybe I add little elements here and there to give it another twist or dimension once in a while. This process takes quite some time for each song, so you cannot say I am the quickest writer. ;) I recently said in another interview that for me, the songs don’t feel progressive at all – they are rather familiar. I’d love to listen to the album from a pure listener’s perspective … Talking the lyrics – this album has the basic motive of “loss”, be it the loss of a loved one or the loss of sanity, hence the title “Vigil”. I tried to conceptualize stories around these motifs and found the language of English Romanticism most suitable for this effort.

HAH: About the letters, which seek inspirations and what message they want to spend?

Simon: In addition to these motifs, the lyrics also bear a strong naturalistic imagery which often serves as a vehicle to open a pathway towards hope and resolution of conflict. Be it freedom, peace, humility – or death. So in these lyrics, there is often a light at the end of the tunnel, although the tunnel itself might be at times very gloomy.

HAH: "Vigil" sounds subtle and harsh at the same time, as well as artistic as well, with great vocal lines and beautiful keyboards. What are the influences of the band?

Simon: First of all – THANK you very very much for your kind words. I really appreciate that, Our influences range from the Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal Scene (EUCHARIST, DARK TRANQUILLITY, GATES OF ISHTAR), to more eclectic bands like DISILLUSION, OPETH, EXTOL or ENSLAVED, to Power / Prog Metal bands like PSYCHOTIC WALTZ or FATES WARNING. We also have some Ambient and Folk influences.

HAH: And what do you think you get the disk to Brazil? The Andsolis have some knowledge of the brazilian scene of heavy music?

Simon: We feel the cooperation with our Brazilian partners SHINIGAMI has been absolutely great so far, and the first reactions from Brazil have definitely been more than awesome. We are really humbled. Well, as far as the Brazilian metal scene goes – we all know SEPULTURA, of course (“Beneath the Remains” being my fave album, KILLER piece of music), I also am a huge fan of (early) ANGRA – “Holy Land” is a masterpiece. I have the impression that the scene in Brazil has a lot of soul, that it is very vivid and idealistic, which is something I can closely relate to. We probably would have to play a couple of gigs in Brazil to get to know the more underground bands in your country. I really hope that such an opportunity will open for us in the future.

HAH: What does the band name?

Simon: The name goes back to a phrase or term in the Old Norse language, “andsoelis”, which basically means “in opposition to the sun”. It was used during spiritual acts or to describe the origin of supernatural phenomena. I really liked it, the only thing I did is cross out the letter “e”. The logo of course was created by the amazing and immortal Mr. Christophe Szpajdel.

How is the acceptance of "Vigil" the specialized media and fans?

Simon: The reaction has been quite positive so far, the first few reviews were good to overwhelming (which was a bit frightening in the beginning). You see, we have been creating “Vigil” in almost complete isolation, and we intentionally stayed under the radar until it was finished. So we did not really know what to expect, how it would be received in the metal scene. Of course, there also have been negative to mediocre reviews, and presently the album seems to polarize media and fans. But given the fact that we came out of nowhere and that this kind of music is not very trendy, we are more than happy. 

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